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His name ‘s the Ultimate Finest Chief (????????? lighted

His name ‘s the Ultimate Finest Chief (????????? lighted

Kokichi Oma (?? ??) try a student on Best Academy for Talented Juveniles and you may an associate of the Killing School Session searched in the Danganronpa V3: Eliminating Harmony. Extremely Senior high school Level Best Chief).

Very early Existence

Kokichi Oma are a frequent talentless senior high school guy just who took part on the 53rd 12 months off Danganronpa, a greatest worldwide fact show made by Group Danganronpa.

Throughout the his senior high school months, Kokichi attended Purple Capital’s Imperial Twelfth grade (???????). Although not, it’s undecided in the event it memories regarding him are an associate of manufacturing from Class Danganronpa or if perhaps it had been legitimate.

Once the guy properly participated in the brand new 53rd Killing Video game, Kokichi’s thoughts and you can previous was indeed fabricated by Team Danganronpa below:

Kokichi’s previous is very undecided due to their ongoing sleeping and you can that the guy purely does not want to reveal one thing personal in the himself. Actually, the single thing known throughout the their lifestyle certainly is actually his passion for games hence they are started to try out her or him his entire life. However, he has along with claimed you to nobody manage proper care in the event that he had been went, and it is been intended which he does not have any moms and dads otherwise family members.

It’s identified that he is the leader from D.We.C.Elizabeth., a little group of younger pranksters, who happen to be the very first people and you can such as for example a household so you can him. He has moved in the world and you can to go “laughable criminal activities” for fun, that may imply that they may be a small grouping of orphans and no family nor moms and dads to hold him or her straight back. Kokichi is even good at stealing, that are due to their past, and has now come noticed that nearly all his feel has a similarity to help you a petty burglar. Also, their team was a mention of moving tv show D.We.C.Age. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic People) , which is throughout the an organization run by the students, specifically orphans.

From inside the killing games, Kokichi lays that he is the new finest chief out-of an enormous, evil miracle neighborhood. However, there isn’t any proof of it and Ultimate Detective, Shuichi Saihara, cannot see any business matching toward one Kokichi said. [4] While in the their Sparetime Knowledge having Shuichi, Kokichi claims he turned into brand new best chief by the murdering his mothers and usurping their role. He then states he lied, and that the main one the guy murdered try his more mature sis. The guy states the guy lied once more and therefore the genuine cause is actually a secret. Provided their habit of have some insights certainly one of their lies, this might imply some thing about his early in the day.

There is a scene regarding extra mode Biggest Talent Creativity Plan hence hints throughout the his nearest yubo kodu nedir and dearest situation, since Kokichi and you will Kaito would not go home for new Year’s, Kaito because of their strange family members state out-of managing his grandparents. Kaito requires Kokichi why he’s not aware of their moms and dads (and you will are not his moms and dads ashamed from him are such as for instance a good brat at the their years). Kokichi simply says to him which he ought not to ask eg individual inquiries when conversing with the brand new supreme commander.

However, it’s uncertain exactly how much, if any regarding Kokichi’s previous prior to doing the fresh new 53rd Killing Video game is actual, and you may which had been fabricated of the Team Danganronpa.

The new Gofer Enterprise

A portion of the fake backstories created for Kokichi and almost every other ten children was The latest Gofer Opportunity, and this supposedly occurred before the Eliminating Games already been. It had been started by the brains of countries throughout brand new business immediately after plenty of meteorites damaged towards the Planet, spreading a life threatening virus all through the air. To try and maintain the very last vestiges from humanity before Planet’s destruction, the government made a decision to come across 16 talented youngsters chosen from the Best Step which also for some reason were protected towards virus, place them inside a beneficial spaceship nest, and also have him or her avoid until the Earth’s depletion. Kokichi is actually of these 16 people.